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Rui is the complete solution for the wedding attire because we are not only best wedding dress manufacturer but we’re leading party dress manufacturer China. Moreover we provide everything needed to complete a look. The designers are enthusiastic who work creatively as they are continuously in search of out of the world inspirations. The combo of creative mind designers and immensely skilled workers makes the fairytale dresses which can bewitch the onlookers and awestruck them. You’re bound to receive the compliments you’ve been waiting for when you’ll be dolled up in our outfit.

Suzhou Monicaherui Garment and Decoration Co., Ltd is a complete solution for the perfect wedding attire because we are not only a wedding dress but we also have special designers for party dress manufacturer China. We provide everything needed to make your big day special. Our designers are enthusiastic and creative, as they are always looking for exceptional ideas to enhance the beauty of a wedding dress. The blend of creativity and skill in a designer helps manufacture the fairytale dress that you’ve been dreaming about since childhood. We are a trusted wedding dressers that is determined to produce new and stylish apparel to make you look beautiful.

We are a professional wedding dress manufacturer and party dress manufacturer China who has managed to specialize in producing the best special occasion dresses, jewelry, accessories, flower girl dresses, special occasion dresses, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, wedding dresses, Communion dress manufacturer China. We offer the best price, guaranteed delivery date and high-quality products for consumers, retailers and even wholesalers. We have always received positive feedback and managed to establish a good reputation within this industry. We have served clients from the UK, USA, Australia, France and even Japan. Our hard work and dedication have helped us to become one of the best party dress manufacturer China and in the world.

Top Party Dress Manufacturer China

If you are looking for the best party dress manufacturer and custom wedding dresses maker, then you’ve landed at the right destination. We have dedicated our resources to produced trendy and beautiful party attire at reasonable prices.To ensure that all our clients are satisfied, we operate around the clock customer support systems. Our representatives are always available to assist you in choosing the best product for you. In addition, we have a vast range of party clothes to make you become the talk of the town on your special day.

Suzhou Monicaherui Garment and Decoration Co., Ltd is on a mission to make every wedding day special. As one of the top wedding dress manufacturer in the world, we have proven to showcase our creativity, and the ability to produce attire that is always pleasing to the eyes.

About Wedding Dressers

We are professional in Wedding dresses, party dresses, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion dresses, evening dress, flower girl dresses, headpieces and veils, petticoat, jewelry, accessories and more.
We offer the best price, guaranteed delivery date and guaranteed quality for retail, wholesale and bridals. We have earned only good feedback & reputation from customers around the world such as customers from USA, UK, Italy, France, Australia and Japan making us the best wedding dresses manufacturer.
When we work to create a dress, we’re not just making something to wear, but we aim to make our clients happy and comfortable. This quality distinguishes us among others, and we can say proudly that we make the happiest brides.

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