5 Factors to Consider for Preserving the Flower Girl Dress
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September 12, 2019
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An ideal dress for the flower girl can keep its perfect look intact. Indeed the flower girl attire may have a span long after the reception and ceremony. The gown can remain wearable in the near future for any other special event. As per a flower girl dress manufacturer China, the dress designed can carry it for future generations and can be preserved as a momento.

So, before you order flower girl dress to sell, you need to take care of your inventory. Below are some simple facts for the maintenance of the festive dress:

1 Know the Fabric

If the stain gets the stack to the flower girl dress, the cleaning method will be based upon the fabric. Dry cleaning is the way for materials like rayon, acetate, and pure raw silk. Hand wash in cold water is enough for the gowns manufactured by using satin, organza, tulle, poly silk, and shantung.

However, cotton does well with the low setting following the wash with cold water.

2 Know the Specifics

Intricate beading, decorative flowers and sparkling sequins will need attention and extra care. However, detachable flowers not only gives pretty appearance but are simple to detach and clean. A dress with delicate details always demands gentle motion.

If you iron the flower girl dress, you must iron as per the instructions are given on the label and then remain extremely tactful. Pressing should be done from inside.

Hand pressing the nylon tulle is also a tough task. Tulle can be pressed at a shallow temperature with a piece of pressing cloth. Tulle is typically nylon and requires a low melting point.

3 Know the Stain

For achieving the best result of washing, you must enable yourself to identify the stain. Various stains demand to be treated with different techniques. Some stains will be dried out but will leave the oxidation spots if not completed and adequately cleaned from the fabric. Acidic, salt and sugar-based stains will leave a brown-colored stain after passing some time; unless washed effectively.

4 Be informed of Dry Cleaner

Always go for an experienced and professional dry cleaner. Find the dry cleaner who prefers pure solvent (virgin solvent) to clean the flower girl dress. Often, enzymes are recycled – primarily due to expense. If the impurities did not clear after washing, they could get redeposit onto the dress. Flower girl dresses must be fresh without any unwanted smells. For removing the trace of smoke smell from the clothing, to air in a proper manner is needed.

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5 Identify the Enemy

Following are the threats to the flower girl dress:

  • Insects
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mildew
  • Moisture
  • Light (and even mice).

If the dress is exposed in sunlight, regularly by wedding dress manufacturer, a white-colored dress can incur yellowing. Flower girl attires should be stored in an environment which is breathable to prevent them from mold growth and mildew.

Moisture in the storage space can cause damage. So, beware of the enemy of your dress and eventually your business.

Wrap Up

Today’s perfection is tomorrow’s conservation. It is possible if you care.

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